Miranda Bellamy & Amanda Fauteux
pinus radiata, 6.2m x 1.5m, 2021

radiata, a sculpture and sound installation, queers the constructs that have led to the othering of nature, of separating humans from non-human beings. Through the interruption of the plant-product supply chain, and collaborations with plants from the neighbourhood, we are drawn into a dialogue with plants that provokes reflection on material accountability, reciprocity, and worldmaking.

radiata is accompanied by a text by Dr. Bridie Lonie, Becoming-timber, which is available online here

This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of Creative New Zealand, The Canada Council for the Arts and City Forests Ltd. The artists would like to sincerely thank The Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Darryl Brewer of Brewer Timber Ltd, John & Pauline Bellamy, Manu Berry, Sam Fisher, Madison Kelly, and Dr. Bridie Lonie. 

Miranda Bellamy and Amanda Fauteux, Radiata (sound installation), 10 channel asynchronous looping sound, 2021

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