Matte black adhesive vinyl, dimensions variable, 2018

The simple lines within Stray are loaded with complex connotations. Stray is about the nuanced relationship that I have with my body hair. The source imagery for this project draws directly from shed strands of my hair. When I found a hair that was stuck to the enamel of the bathtub, wrapped around the plughole of a sink, or
clinging to a soap-bar from the shower, I photographed it in situ. Selecting from the accumulated archive of images, I carefully enlarge and transfer these forms
onto matte black adhesive vinyl. The cut vinyl is applied directly to the wall-space. This work is cumulative and continues to grow, evolve and be re-formed. Last year I was met in the mirror with a rapidly receding hairline, and faced intense feelings of disassociation. These moments of reflection tipped the balance toward confronting the fear and anxiety involved with openly expressing myself. The positivity and strength I gained from eventually doing so led to accepting myself as
transgender and beginning to transition. Hair has had a lot to do with this process of becoming.

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